Karnataka Government Introduces Standardised Fares for Online Taxi Services

Karnataka News: In a bid to address concerns over inconsistent fares and overcharging, the Karnataka government has implemented standardised fares for online taxi services, including popular platforms like Ola and Uber, as well as other taxi services operating in the state. The move is aimed at establishing a uniform fare system and improving transparency.

Categorised Fares Based on Vehicle Cost

The state transport department issued a notification on Saturday outlining the new fare structure, categorised based on the cost of vehicles. The rates encompass minimum fares and additional charges per kilometre, with three distinct categories based on vehicle pricing.

Comprehensive Guidelines and Additional Charges

The notification also includes guidelines covering baggage allowances, waiting rates, and surcharges for night travel. Passengers are permitted free baggage up to 120 kg, with an additional charge of Rs 7 for every 30 grams of excess baggage.

Addressing Consumer Complaints and Ensuring Transparency

This initiative aims to mitigate complaints regarding fare inconsistencies, creating a more transparent and accountable system for both online taxi services and traditional taxis operating in Karnataka.

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