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Karnataka News: Government’s Bold Move! Statewide Ban on Hookah Bars and Cigarette For Below 21

Find out about the state of Karnataka's audacious move in public health as it passes a statewide ban on hookah bars and imposes harsh fines on anyone who violate it.

Karnataka News

Karnataka News: On Wednesday, the Karnataka government approved a bill that outlaws hookah bars throughout the entire state. Violators would face harsh punishments, such as up to three years in jail and fines of up to Rs one lakh. In order to protect public health and stop the spread of tobacco-related illnesses, the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) was amended, according to the announcement, and the ban was then put into place.

Raising the Age Limit

Furthermore, the state has made it illegal to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products to anybody younger than 21. The modified Bill emphasises the commitment to establishing smoke-free environments by enforcing a broad ban on the use of tobacco products in public areas.

Protecting Educational Spaces

The selling of cigarettes and other tobacco products is prohibited within 100 metres of any educational institution, according to the Siddaramaiah-led government. If the rule is broken, there might be a Rs 1,000 punishment.

‘The administration has made this choice. These places are home to a large number of teenagers and young adults,’ Speaking about the government’s decision to outlaw hookah bars, Congressman and Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge stated that the government has made this decision in the sake of law and order and health.

Data-Driven Decision

The Karnataka government’s decision is in response to ‘alarming data’ released by the World Health Organization‘s Global Adult Tobacco Survey-2016–17 (GATS–2), which stated that 22.8% of adults in the state use tobacco, with 8.8% of them being smokers. According to the survey, up to 23.9% of adult smokers in the state are passive smokers, meaning they inhale smoke from burning tobacco products or from other individuals who smoke.

The Telangana government enacted a similar ordinance outlawing hookah parlours in the entire state in February 2024. Even the state of Haryana declared last year that it would no longer serve hookah to patrons in any of its hotels, eateries, pubs, or commercial spaces.

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