Lok Sabha Election 2024: Congress Announces Candidates for Mandi and Shimla Seats in Himachal Pradesh for Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: In the run-up to the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the Congress party has finalized its candidates for two key seats in Himachal Pradesh. Vikramaditya Singh has been nominated to contest from the Mandi constituency, while Vinod Sultanpuri will represent the party in Shimla.

Congress Announces Candidates for Mandi

This decision comes amidst statements from Himachal Pradesh’s Leader of Opposition (LoP) Jairam Thakur, who emphasized that the Congress party has only been able to finalize candidates for two seats in the state. Thakur expressed confidence in his party’s campaign efforts, stating that the declared candidates are already actively engaging with the electorate.

Shimla Seats in Himachal Pradesh for Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Thakur further asserted that contesting against the Congress candidates would not pose a significant challenge for his party. He expressed optimism about winning all four seats in the state, citing perceived dissatisfaction among the electorate towards the Congress government. Thakur suggested that this dissatisfaction would reflect in both the Lok Sabha elections and upcoming by-elections in the state.

With the announcement of candidates for Mandi and Shimla constituencies, the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh is expected to intensify as the electoral battle gains momentum.

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