Tensions Escalate! Altercation Erupts in West Bengal Between TMC and BJP

Lok Sabha Election 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: There are now just a few days remaining until the Lok Sabha elections. On April 19, voters will cast ballots in the opening round of the seven-phase general elections. Political parties have prepared as a result. The Election Commission is also making every effort to ensure that everything is ready, taking into account the weather trends.

TMC and BJP Workers Engage in Altercation

Workers of the TMC and the BJP got into a fight today as BJP MP Dilip Ghosh was in Durgapur. Later, the situation was under police control. TMC MP Dola Sen stated that a FIR has been filed over whether or not BJP leader Locket Chatterjee was attacked in relation to the reported attack. On this, legal action will be taken. Dola Sen responded to the Prime Minister’s statement by saying that in 2024, the public would answer to the Prime Minister and the people of India would answer to him.

BJP Gains Momentum

In front of Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, former DGP Vijay Kumar and his spouse joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Today, a large number of Congress and Samajwadi Party leaders joined the BJP. BJP MP Dilip Ghosh stated, “The TMC has this attitude. Some of the protestors who had come here had left. “TMC is protesting because so many people have come to see me here.”

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