Lucknow News: 6 Places for Low-Priced Tomatoes Today at 12 PM, Know Here

Lucknow News

Lucknow News: Today’s tomato price in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is about Rs 200 per kilogramme. Tomatoes have vanished from people’s plates in such a situation. People have almost entirely ceased using it since it is a pricey tomato. In this case, if you want to purchase inexpensive tomatoes, go to one of these six locations in Lucknow around noon today. You may purchase tomatoes for Rs. 70 per kg there.

6 Locations in Lucknow to Grab Rs. 70/Kg Tomatoes

On Friday, the tomato van will visit 6 locations in Lucknow on behalf of the Indian government. Around noon, a tomato truck will arrive outside Naveen Mandi on Sitapur Road, where consumers can get tomatoes for Rs. 70 per kg. In addition, this van will travel to the NCCF office, which is located in Vigyanpuri in the city. This van is currently parked at Vigyanpuri’s D-79. In addition, a tomato truck will arrive today close to the Polytechnic Chauraha petrol station, where you may purchase tomatoes.

Grab Affordable Tomatoes Today

Additionally, if you reside in Hazratganj, you should arrive in front of gate #1 of Jawahar Bhawan at 12:00 noon, when the tomato van will be waiting for you. Additionally, tomatoes will be for sale today at the crossroads in Awadh. Ajay Singh, the director of NCCF, announced that the tomato van would travel to Rahim Nagar today. He stated that the price of tomatoes is suddenly rising once more, reaching roughly 200 rupees per kg. People in that position were having issues. This is the reason why tomato vans are being dispatched to six different locations in Lucknow today. A person can purchase at least two kilogrammes of tomatoes from the tomato van, he said. He will be required to provide a photocopy of his Aadhaar card if he purchases more than this. According to him, tomato vans would visit five to six different locations in Lucknow every day as long as tomatoes remain pricey.

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