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Lucknow News: Parking Woes to End Soon! Mega Multilevel Parking Plan Unveiled, Details Here

The largest multilevel parking project being developed by the Lucknow Development Authority near Phoenix Mall on Kanpur Road, is a ground-breaking initiative.

Lucknow News

Lucknow News: In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, the largest multi-lane parking plan has been created. The Lucknow Development Authority is ready to begin working on this project. Final plans are being worked on for another multilevel parking structure on Kanpur Road. The city’s largest multilevel parking will be this one. Dr. Indramani Tripathi, Vice President of the Authority, has given the order to assess the location for parking construction and draught a proposal for it. In Sector B of Kanpur Road, multilevel parking will be constructed close to Phoenix Mall.

Undeveloped Land in Sectors B and C

In Kanpur Road’s Sectors B and C, there is a large amount of undeveloped land from LDA. They are surrounded by the land mafia, who have built illegally. On some lands, encroachers have drawn boundaries. Along with engineers and Revenue Department representatives, Dr. Indramani Tripathi, Vice Chairman of the Authority, inspected the location last week. They discovered widespread illegal land occupation during this time.

Initiation of Investigation

Following the discovery of the illegal occupation case, the Vice President of LDA called for records from the Acquisition Department and Map Cell. An investigation into the whole situation was initiated. There is a lot of land here, it was discovered. Here, the farmers had lost their land to the authority. For these lands, farmers have also received compensation. Additionally, its layout is ready. The purchased land was held for potential use. However, they were apprehended as a result of the LDA officials’ negligence and cooperation with the mafia. The Vice President’s files have now been deleted. Its inquiry has already commenced.

Illegal Occupation of Designated Parking Space

A sizable portion of the land that the authorities purchased close to Phoenix Mall in Sector B has been invaded by some individuals, who have also built boundary walls. It has come to the Vice President’s attention that this property was set aside for parking. LDA now intends to build multistory parking here. The vice president of the LDA has given the engineers instructions to draught a proposal for building multilevel parking. Regarding this matter, Vice President Indramani Tripathi stated that certain individuals have taken over the space designated for parking close to Phoenix Mall on Kanpur Road. Someone has built a wall to mark the boundary here.

Site Examination by LDA Vice President

We have examined this area, stated the Vice President of LDA. The boundary wall will be taken down, and a sizable multi-story parking structure will be constructed in its place. The engineers are to draught a proposal for building parking structures. I’ve begun to propose parking. The vice-chairman of the authority is giving instructions for the preparation of the proposal. Here, plans are reportedly underway to construct an approximately five-story underground parking structure. This is the largest area, with the capacity to accommodate over 1500 cars. This parking will be beneficial to those who visit the nearby stadiums and malls.

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