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Dhirendra Shastri: Bageshwar Baba’s controversial remark on women visiting ‘Beauty Parlours’ creates stir! Watch

Dhirendra Shastri, famously known as Bageshwar Baba, is once again at the center of discussion due to his incendiary and controversial statements. Following his association with Bageshwar Dham, the spiritual guru has expanded his discourse to various parts of the country, where his remarks often lead to heated debates. His recent video has once again caught attention, with him making comments about women’s who visits beauty salon.

Video Criticized for Comments on Women’s Attire

In the latest video making rounds on social media, Bageshwar Baba can be seen commenting on women’s who visit beauty salon. In the midst of a discourse, he directs his remarks towards women who visit beauty parlors. During the discourse, Dhirendra Shastri makes a comment on the color of women’s skin, likening it to the shade of black plum.

The viral video showcases Bageshwar Baba stating, “If there’s anyone who’s most cursed, it’s those who visit beauty parlors. They put on so much foundation that even black plum gets overshadowed…” The video clip has gained significant traction on social media platforms, with users sharing it widely and expressing their own perspectives. The video has sparked criticism towards Bageshwar Baba’s choice of words, with many finding his remarks inappropriate and insensitive.

Bageshwar Baba’s Previous Controversy

This isn’t the first time that Bagheshwar Baba has made headlines for his remarks. In the past, he stirred controversy by stating that women who do not wear sindoor (vermilion) in their parting resemble empty plots. Such statements have previously incited debates and discussions surrounding his perspectives on various subjects.

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