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Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2023: BJP National President JP Nadda Addresses Public Meeting in Tyonthar, Rewa District

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2023: In a recent visit to the Tyonthar Assembly in Rewa district, BJP National President JP Nadda delivered a speech aimed at garnering support for BJP candidate Siddharth Tiwari. During his address, Nadda highlighted the achievements of the BJP government while launching a scathing attack on the Congress party.

JP Nadda’s Key Points:

  1. Congress’ Past Failures: Nadda drew attention to the pre-2003 era, emphasizing how the Congress government, under leaders like Digvajay Singh, had failed to bring development to Madhya Pradesh. He accused the Congress of prioritizing votes over progress.
  2. Transformation Under Modi: Nadda contrasted the era of Congress-led scandals with the rapid progress witnessed under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership. He stated that 13.5 crore people had been lifted out of poverty during the Modi government’s tenure.
  3. Empowering Women: Nadda praised Modi for his decisive leadership in passing the ‘Narishakti Vandan Bill,’ providing 33% reservation for women in Parliament. This achievement showcased the government’s determination and efficiency.
  4. Ending Caste and Family Politics: Nadda criticized earlier governments, claiming they represented specific castes, classes, or families rather than the people. He asserted that Modi’s government had worked to empower various sections of society, including villages, the poor, Dalits, women, and farmers.
  5. Congress as Collectors: Accusing the Congress, Nadda referred to some Congress Chief Ministers as “collectors” who seemed to collect resources for themselves rather than serving the people’s interests.
  6. BJP’s Credibility: Nadda underscored the BJP’s commitment to delivering on its promises and providing a report card of its performance every five years, as opposed to other parties that make false promises to secure votes.
  7. Election Appeal: Nadda urged voters not to base their decisions on caste or regional factors but to vote for candidates who can protect their interests and promote development over the next five years.

JP Nadda’s speech in Tyonthar demonstrated the BJP’s focus on governance, development, and empowerment, setting the stage for the upcoming elections in the region.

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