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MP News: Madhya Pradesh Government Plans Comprehensive Cow Policy for Animal Welfare

MP News: The Madhya Pradesh government is gearing up to introduce a new cow policy aimed at ensuring a better life for the animals, encompassing regulations from birth to disposal. According to officials, the forthcoming policy will replace the existing one in effect since 1959.

Key Features of the Proposed Cow Policy:

  1. Scientific and Respectful Disposal:
    The new policy mandates the scientific and respectful disposal of cows, covering their entire lifecycle. Violations of these regulations may lead to administrative action under Section 188 of the IPC for disobedience to orders promulgated by a public servant.
  2. Options for Shelters:
    The state, which currently has around 1,600 shelters for approximately 2,70,000 cows, will provide two disposal options to these shelters – a ‘samadhi’ or composite pit and an electric crematorium.
  3. Management of Stray Cattle:
    The policy addresses the challenge of stray cattle by proposing the establishment of clusters of cow shelters along highways and roads in the state. With over 8,54,000 stray cattle in Madhya Pradesh, as per the 2019 animal census, this initiative aims to manage and provide care for these animals.
  4. Reviving Cow Kanji Houses:
    The government is also considering restarting the cow kanji house (lock-up) at panchayats, as part of its efforts to streamline the management of cattle.

The comprehensive cow policy reflects a proactive approach by the Madhya Pradesh government to address the welfare of cows, aligning with modern standards and scientific practices.

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