MP News: Madhya Pradesh Government to Launch Mehati Yojna to Fix Roads

MP News: In response to concerns raised about the deteriorating condition of roads in Madhya Pradesh, Congress MLA Jhuma Solanki brought attention to the issue during the fifth day of the Vidhan Sabha budget session. In response, Public Works Department Minister Rakesh Singh informed the assembly that the government is set to launch the “Mehati Yojna,” a mobile app initiative to address road-related issues effectively.

Mobile Solution for Road Maintenance:
Minister Rakesh Singh explained that the Mehati Yojna will enable citizens to use a mobile app to capture images of potholes and road damages, which will then be forwarded to relevant district officials. This initiative aims to streamline the process of identifying and repairing road issues promptly.

Accountability and Monitoring:
After the repair work is completed, officials will need to upload photos to the app to confirm the completion of the road maintenance task. This approach is designed to ensure accountability and effective monitoring of road repair activities across Madhya Pradesh.

The initiative reflects the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for citizen engagement and prompt infrastructure improvements.

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