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Meerut News: District Lockdown! Police to Seal 21 Key Border Points, Winter Strategy For THIS Reason

By sealing 21 crucial locations along its borders, Meerut Police proactively improves district security.

Meerut News: To prevent robberies on highways and incidents in villages during the winter, an action plan has been created. On the district border, 21 locations have been identified; these will be sealed as soon as night falls, and checks will be made by sending in troops. In addition, cars will be moved forward in a group from this location when winter fog builds up to prevent mishaps or accidents. A list of offenders who have committed theft, dacoity, and robbery during the previous ten years has been created and will be confirmed.

District Encompassment

The districts of Hapur, Ghaziabad, Baghpat, Muzaffarnagar, and Bijnor encircle the Meerut district. After surveying each of these locations, SSP Meerut Rohit Singh Sajwan identified 21 such points that, if sealed, would prevent criminals from entering the district at night or from escaping. These locations will be checked and barriers erected by police. The police station, UP 112, and Circle CO have all been given instructions regarding this. Numerous locations have been identified, including the outpost of Mohiuddinpur, the Partapur Interchange, the Jani police station, the Daurala, the Sivaya, the Hasanpur outpost, the Mawana police post, the Rohta police station, and the Khirwa police station.

Emergency Response Directive

UP 112 has been instructed to head straight to the highway and other roads for assistance at night if any vehicle breaks down. The victims will receive assistance, and police have been directed to use all available means to get the car to a safe location. The police station will be consulted for this. Both the city control room and the rural control room will be notified if such an incident happens.

Decade-Long Crime Analysis

Data about gangs that have looted on the highway and in other locations over the past ten years has been prepared by the Meerut Police. In addition, it has been determined who the gangs and criminals are that operate in the villages and rural areas throughout the winter. Records show that the list includes the names of 135 robbers and 250 thieves. In addition, eighteen dacoits have come forward. These offenders are also on the list of 76 gangsters that the Meerut Police has targeted this year.

Strategic Reinforcement

According to the SSP, some police stations, including highway police stations like Partapur, Jani, Rohta, Kankarkheda, Tipinagar, Daurala, Mawana, Bhawanpur, Kithore, and Kharkhoda, will have more home guards on duty. They will work night shifts alongside the police. In addition, two to three additional police officers from the police lines will be assigned to these police stations to work night shifts.

Winter Security Blueprint

A strategy has been developed for wintertime security of the highway and its connecting roads. At 21 locations, the police team will erect barriers and conduct a one- to two-hour inspection. In addition, there is an increase in police presence and force on the highway. A list of accused people who have previously committed crimes is being compiled and checked at the same time. The police will assist if a vehicle breaks down while travelling in the winter.

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