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Noida News: NMRC’s New App to Bring Your Ride to the Station for Added Convenience, All Last Mile Connectivity Details Here

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRC) is developing an innovative Multi-Model Integration Application that will let customers have their vehicles delivered to their house as soon as they leave the metro station.

Noida News

Noida News: Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited (NMRC) Travellers can now hear the good news. From the Noida Metro station, passengers would no longer experience any difficulties getting home. Passengers would be able to quickly reach their houses by using public transit as soon as they exit the Noida Metro station. To implement this concept, NMRC is putting together a Multi Model Integration Application. The NMRC has suggested a proposal for this application, which may be accepted soon.

A New Era of Convenience for Noida Metro Passengers

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation Limited is constantly working to improve the amenities offered to metro rail customers. NMRC is currently putting together a Multi Model Integration Application to accommodate this. Passengers on the Noida Metro will be able to access all available transport alternatives using this app from a single location, depending on their needs. People won’t need to scurry around looking for public transport to get home from the metro station if this app is implemented. The Executive Director has received the proposal for this application from NMRC, and work on it is soon to begin.

Enhancing Safety and Convenience

Passengers won’t have to wait for the car at the metro station after this app. Passenger safety is a top priority for this application, and NMRC is making arrangements for it to be connected to the police computer. The traveller may also share this information with his friends or family while on the road if he so chooses. NMRC evaluated this application and concluded that it could prove to be highly beneficial for the passengers.

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