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Patna News: 50000 beads used to make Ram statue, to be placed in THIS Temple on January 22

A five-foot-tall figure of Ram has been crafted by Jitendra from Patna using fifty thousand Tulsi beads. Mantras or verses totaling 108 are recited using the Tulsi garland.

Patna News: From all parts of the country, people are curiously waiting for the “Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha” in Ayodhya on January 22nd, 2024. A mass number of people have planned to visit Ayodhya on Monday to witness the celebration. Those who are unable to go to Ayodhya are intended to celebrate it in their own way. One such instance came across in Patna, where the artist cum sculptor Jitendra has made a 5 feet Ram statue from 50000 Tulsi beads. It comprises of 500 Tulsi garlands to complete the statue of Lord Rama.

Know about the holy Tulsi Bead

Tulsi bead, sometimes referred to as a Tulsi rosary or Tulsi Mala, is a holy necklace fashioned from the stems of the revered Tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum). It is considered as a holy thing among the followers of Hindu religion. A Tulsi garland generally consists of 108 beads in it. The number ‘108’ has a great importance in Hindu religion. The garland is used to recite mantras or verses on a sum of 108.

Patna News: Statue will be installed in Bharat Mata Temple

The statue of Lord Rama made by Jitendra will be installed in the Bharat Mata Temple near the crossroads of Langartoli on January 22. People can visit there to offer prayers and seek blessing from Lord Rama. As per the reports, Jitendra has made the statue in 15 days only. He has also previously made a number of unique sculptures, idols and statues.

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