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Patna News: After Lucknow, Patna to get Asia’s 2nd Braille Corridor in the Zoo; how it will help visually impaired

Check out how the New Braille Corridor facility will help Visually impaired people in exploring the zoo like others.

Patna News: Visually impaired people will be able to see the animals in the zoo like other people. Asia’s second Braille Corridor will give them the opportunity to have a vision to explore the animals in the zoo. Braille Information system will be installed along with Braille library. The system will enable the Visually impaired people to see everything clearly with a clear vision. The idea was introduced by a visually impaired man himself.

First Braille Corridor was built in Lucknow

The first Braille Corridor was built in the zoo of Lucknow in which Braille Information system was installed along with the Braille library. After the Braille Corridor of Lucknow received positive response, the idea to build the next Braille Corridor came up. That’s how the set up is being done in the Patna zoo also. The project to set up the system is taken care by the Meet Welfare Foundation.

Initiative was introduced by Visually Impaired Man

The Lucknow Model was prepared by one of the visually impaired man Rohit Kumar who faced challenges due to his condition, and getting inspiration he thought of building the Braille Corridor in Lucknow in 2018. Braille Information Boards are also placed for the visually impaired people to read.

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