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Patna News: Bihar Attracts IT Sector Investments as Companies Eye Patna for Expansion

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Patna News: The IT sector in Bihar is set to witness significant growth as both established players and startup companies express a strong interest in making substantial investments in the region. Notably, the capital city, Patna, has emerged as the preferred destination for IT investment, with several companies actively engaging with the Bihar Industries Department to explore these opportunities. The surge of interest from renowned companies in Silicon Valley, USA, highlights the potential that Bihar holds for the IT industry.

Bihar Attracts IT Sector Investments as Companies Eye Patna for Expansion

One prominent IT company, Tiger Analytics, which operates from Silicon Valley, has already taken the plunge by establishing its presence in Patna. Moreover, the IT giant HCL Technology is seriously contemplating expanding its operations into Bihar. Key representatives from HCL have engaged in discussions with top officials from the Industries Department regarding this strategic move, and the Additional Chief Secretary of the Industries Department, Sandeep Poundrik, has hinted at promising developments in the near future.

This company, which primarily operates from Chennai

Tiger Analytics, in particular, has made substantial progress by establishing an office in Patna and commencing operations. This company, which primarily operates from Chennai, India, specializes in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and software development. Importantly, Tiger Analytics has been provided with a workspace in the BSFC building on Fraser Road in the capital, facilitating its expansion into Bihar.

HCL Technology’s interest in Bihar is underpinned by discussions held between HCL Senior Vice President Abhay Chaturvedi, Thimaniah, and Sandeep Poundrick, Additional Chief Secretary of the Industries Department in Delhi. The prospects of HCL’s entry into Bihar are viewed positively, further underscoring the region’s appeal to major IT players. These discussions included the Director of Industries from the Industries Department.

One significant advantage for IT companies considering Bihar is the government’s policy to provide working spaces in Patna, aligning with the state’s vision for growth in the IT sector. The Bihar Industrial Development Authority (BIADA) offers land and facilities for various industries, and this policy extension now encompasses the IT sector. Furthermore, the Industrial Promotion Policy is set to benefit the IT sector, enhancing its attractiveness for prospective investors.

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