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Patna News: Patna Women’s College to start degree programme in fashion design, all you must know

Patna News: You can pursue a fashion design graduation programme in if you wish to work in this industry. It is only for girls and women as the Patna Women’s college will offer the course. Although the college already offers a one-year PG Diploma programme. As per the New Education Policy, now the College will offer four years of fashion design instruction as the beginning of this session. This course will be offered by the College for those who have keen interest in learning all facets of design. Handcrafts like sewing, Jewellery design, paper design, textile design, and visual merchandising will be taught as part of the bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

What is Fashion Designing?

A person who’ll choose this course can work in more than one field like they may focus on designing jewellery, clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and other items on your own after completing this course. Fashion designers make dresses, suits, slacks and other apparel for customers, as well as handbags and other needed items. Design, aesthetics, fabric quality and inherent beauty are all applied to clothing and its accessories in the art of fashion design. It has evolved through time and space and is impacted by culture and various trends.

Patna News: Know about the courses and where you can use these skills

Studying fashion design is a creative endeavour. In March or April of this year, the application process is likely to begin for the admission. There will be an entrance exam which will be the basis for enrollment. This course is artistic and covers the study of jewellery design, clothing design, footwear design, leather design and so forth. The textile, jewellery and bag industries are the ones that have the highest demand for fashion designers. Students can pursue careers as fashion designers, fashion models, footwear designers, interior designers, makeup artists, bridal designers, fashion journalists, etc. after completing a fashion design course. It also gives an opportunity to launch one’s own startup.

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