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PM Modi Highlights Corruption-Free BJP Government Over Congress, Said ‘There Are No Scams in The BJP Government’

With an emphasis on conserving for the benefit of the underprivileged, PM Modi emphasises the change from the Congress-era scandals to the BJP's corruption-free rule.

PM Modi

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Madhya Pradesh needs ongoing development and ongoing excellent administration while speaking at an election rally in Seoni. The future is brighter if there is BJP. The BJP is evolving. He asserted that the victory of the BJP is guaranteed by the people.

PM Modi’s Remarks on Congress’s Intentions in Madhya Pradesh

According to Prime Minister Modi, the Congress would not be running for office in MP. She is merely pretending to run for office; she does not need to win. The CM’s chair is not being contested by Congress. To see whose son will lead the Congress, they are engaged in combat. They’re occupied ripping at each other’s clothing. By putting their sons in this position, the two leaders of Congress are attempting to agitate the state.

PM Modi Highlights a Scam-Free BJP Government

PM Modi said, “Before 2014, each scam of Congress used to be worth lakhs of crores, now there are no scams in the BJP government. The money that we have saved for the rights of the poor is now being spent on the ration of the poor. This is the biggest difference between the scammer Congress government and the BJP government…” He said, “The price of mobile phones in the country has reduced under the BJP government. The data used in this has also become cheaper in our government. During the Congress government, there were the least number of mobile phone manufacturing factories in the country.”

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