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Punjab News: Mohali Police Arrests Three in Chaura Madhare Gang Bust, Seize Weaponry

Significant progress is made by Punjab's Mohali Police, who capture important members of criminal organisations that commit a variety of crimes.

Punjab News

Punjab News: Punjab’s Mohali Police has had remarkable success. By apprehending three important members of the USA-based Pavittar Chaura and Hussandeep Singh Chaura Madhare gang, SSOC Mohali has dismantled a significant criminal network. The names of the detained defendants are Bahadur Khan, Gursevak Bamb, and Lavjeet Khakh. Gaurav Yadav, the DGP for Punjab, provided details on the subject via posting on X. These accused have also had a Toyota Fortuner automobile, a handgun, and fifteen rounds seized from them.

DGP Gaurav Yadav’s Statement on Arrested Suspects

DGP Gaurav Yadav stated that the three suspects apprehended by the police were wanted in numerous criminal cases involving the Arms Act, NDPS, robbery, murder, and attempted murder. He was concealing his true name in order to live in Mohali.

Emergence of Incident in Aabadpura

An incident involving miscreants and police has surfaced from Aabadpura, which is close to Jalandhar City’s most affluent neighbourhood in Punjab. The accused attempted to flee when the police went to arrest them after they were given confidential information about them. The accused started shooting at the police throughout this. When the cops opened fire in retaliation, a bullet struck mobster Chintu’s leg before exiting.

Arrest of Suspects in Aabadpura Incident

All four of the suspects were taken into custody by the police. The complete case’s CCTV evidence has also come to light, showing the accused firing shots at the police. From the accused, police have also retrieved contemporary firearms. Approximately twelve shots were fired from each sides during the entire episode. Panic swept over the community as a result of the gunfire thunder. The names of the four suspects who were taken into custody are Kishan alias Ganja, Sajan Joshi, Neeraj, and Chintu. The cops are looking into the situation right now. The accused are being interrogated.

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