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Punjab Government Unveils ‘Farishtey Scheme’ for Free Treatment of Road Accident Victims

In a significant initiative, the Punjab Government is gearing up to launch the ‘Farishtey Scheme,’ a pioneering program that aims to provide free treatment to all road accident victims within the first 48 hours of the mishap, regardless of their domicile. Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh announced the scheme, emphasizing the government’s commitment to treating all road accident victims equally and ensuring their timely access to medical care.

Key Features of the ‘Farishtey Scheme’:

  1. Free Treatment for All Road Accident Victims:
    Under the ‘Farishtey’ scheme, free treatment will be extended to all road accident victims within the critical first 48 hours following the incident. This initiative seeks to expedite medical intervention and enhance the chances of recovery for accident victims.
  2. Rewards for Good Samaritans:
    Individuals who take road accident victims to hospitals for treatment will be honored and rewarded with Rs 2,000. This step aims to incentivize prompt assistance to accident victims and acknowledges the crucial role played by good Samaritans in providing timely medical aid.
  3. No Interrogation for Helpers:
    The Health Minister assured that there will be no questioning by the police or hospital authorities for individuals assisting accident victims unless the person voluntarily opts to become an eyewitness. This measure is designed to encourage more people to come forward and provide assistance without fear of legal repercussions.
  4. Ongoing Development Projects in Health Sector:
    Dr. Balbir Singh, accompanied by Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema, also reviewed various ongoing health department development projects. These projects include the transformation of three government hospitals—MCH Dhuri Hospital, CHC Kauhrian, and Cheema Hospital—into state-of-the-art health facilities. Additionally, the implementation of Integrated Public Health Labs and Critical Care Blocks was discussed.
  5. Upgradation of Healthcare Facilities:
    District hospitals, subdivision hospitals, and community health centers (CHCs) across the state will soon be equipped with X-ray and Ultrasound facilities. The government is investing Rs 550 crore in upgrading 40 hospitals, including 19 district hospitals, six subdivision hospitals, and 15 CHCs, with modern facilities and equipment to enhance healthcare services for the public.

The ‘Farishtey Scheme’ reflects the government’s commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of citizens in critical situations and recognizing the valuable contributions of those who come to the aid of accident victims.

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