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Punjab News : Chief Minister Advocates Inter-State Trade for Farmer Welfare and Consumer Affordability

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Punjab News : Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann is championing the cause of enhancing inter-state trade within India. His primary focus is on achieving fair prices for farmers and making quality products accessible to the public at affordable rates.

Common Platform for Commodities

During a meeting with the Chairpersons and Managing Directors of various states at Punjab Bhawan, Chief Minister Mann emphasized the need for states to collaborate and establish a unified platform for buying and selling commodities. He stressed that this collaborative effort is vital to protect the interests of both consumers and farmers.

Benefits for All

Mann believes that such a common platform will not only guarantee the availability of high-quality products for consumers but also ensure remunerative prices for farmers. The broader aim is to benefit all sections of society by eliminating barriers that hinder the production and marketing of goods within states.

Global Integration and ‘Farm to Fork’ Approach

The Chief Minister drew attention to the fact that the world has become a unified market, emphasizing the need to remove unnecessary restrictions within states concerning the production and marketing of agricultural products. This approach, often referred to as ‘farm to fork,’ and the availability of goods across states will have significant advantages for both consumers and farmers.

Farmers’ Profit and the Escalating Cost of Agriculture

Mann highlighted the imperative need for this approach, citing the declining profitability of agriculture due to the ever-increasing costs of farm inputs and diminishing returns. He stressed the urgency of adopting strategies that ensure farmers can reap the benefits they rightfully deserve.

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