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Home States Punjab Punjab News: Key Developments in Anganwadi Centers and Animal Welfare Initiatives

Punjab News: Key Developments in Anganwadi Centers and Animal Welfare Initiatives


The Punjab government has recently upgraded 1,240 mini anganwadi centers to main anganwadi centers, as announced by Minister of Social Security, Women, and Child Development, Dr. Baljit Kaur. Out of the total 27,314 anganwadi centers in the state, these 1,240 were operating as mini centers. This move has also resulted in the creation of 1,240 honorary posts for anganwadi helpers, with recruitment expected soon. The honorarium for these helpers has been fixed at Rs 2,250 per month.

Burglary Incident at Anganwadi Center in Kalka, Panchkula:
In a regrettable incident, an anganwadi center in Kalka, Panchkula, was targeted by burglars who stole essential ration items like sugar, ghee, and gas cylinders. The theft was reported by Swati, an anganwadi worker in Kanguwala. Local police have registered a case and are actively investigating the incident.

Dedicated Dog Sterilization Center in Bhubaneswar:
The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has taken a significant step towards animal welfare by inaugurating a specialized dog sterilization center in Mancheswar. Equipped with 240 kennels and two operation theaters, the center aims to address the issue of stray dog population. BMC has mobilized two vehicles and a team of veterinarians to carry out sterilization procedures, emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership and population control.

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