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Punjab News: Overhaul in Punjab Sports Associations as Government Plans Sports Code Implementation

In a significant move, the Punjab government is gearing up to enforce the Sports Code by the end of December, ushering in a transformative shift in the leadership of long-standing sports associations. The imminent implementation of the Sports Code will lead to the dissolution of existing sports associations, prompting the appointment of new heads and members. Notably, only individuals with a background in sports, backed by national or international-level achievements, will be eligible for leadership roles.

Key Changes Anticipated:
Under the impending Sports Code, new rules and regulations will be instituted to ensure that sports associations are not only active but also results-oriented. The age limit for association leaders and members will be established, bringing a structured approach to leadership transitions. The move aims to break the decades-long control of leaders and favorites in sports associations, fostering a fresh wave of leadership grounded in sporting expertise.

Government’s Sporting Vision:
Gurmeet Singh Maut Hare, the Sports Minister, expressed that the primary objective of the AAP government is to promote sports and support athletes. The government envisions providing maximum facilities to athletes, and the implementation of the Sports Code is seen as a crucial step in achieving this goal. A comprehensive plan is underway to formalize the Sports Code, with an official announcement expected soon.

National Sports Code Influence:
The Sports Code, initially implemented by the Union Sports Ministry at the national level, aimed to introduce transparency in sports governance and dismantle the monopoly of long-standing officials within sports associations. Following the central government’s directive, state governments, including Punjab, were urged to implement the Sports Code. The impending application of the Sports Code in Punjab signals a paradigm shift in the selection process for sports association office bearers.

As the Sports Code becomes a mandate in Punjab, the sports community anticipates a rejuvenated and dynamic era for sports associations, emphasizing meritocracy and a focus on actualizing the potential of athletes.

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