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Punjab News: Punjab Government Set to Crack Down on Unauthorized Taxis, Targets Bala-Bala and Others

CM Bhagwant Mann

In a decisive move to curb revenue losses, the Punjab government has announced plans to implement a policy aimed at penalizing unauthorized taxis operated by various travel companies in the state. Notably, the spotlight is on Bala-Bala, among others, for flouting regulations and conducting unauthorized trips. The government’s strategy involves issuing licenses to these rogue taxis, bringing them under regulatory scrutiny and ensuring compliance with tax obligations.

Responding to Revenue Frauds Exposed by ‘Punjab Kesari’

This development follows an investigative report published by ‘Punjab Kesari’ on May 26 this year, revealing substantial revenue losses incurred by the Punjab government due to tax evasion by carpooling apps like Bala-Bala and Zoom. The report shed light on the daily defrauding of lakhs of rupees in tax revenue. Acknowledging the severity of the issue, the government has taken cognizance of the news and is now gearing up to tighten regulations and enforce compliance.

Licensing Measures to Combat Tax Evasion

As part of the forthcoming policy, the government plans to issue licenses to these unauthorized taxis, a significant step in curbing tax evasion and ensuring accountability. The move is aimed at streamlining the operations of travel companies, bringing them into the official regulatory framework, and plugging revenue leakages.

Targeting Specific Offenders for Stringent Action

While addressing the issue at large, the government has identified Bala-Bala and other similar travel companies as primary offenders. The impending crackdown aims to bring these companies in line with established regulations, contributing to fair competition and bolstering the state’s revenue streams.

The government’s decisive action underscores its commitment to upholding fair business practices and safeguarding state revenue. By implementing stringent measures, Punjab aims to create a level playing field for all travel companies, eliminate tax evasion, and establish a robust regulatory framework to govern the transportation sector.

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