Punjab News: Rangla Punjab Festival to Commence in Amritsar, Embracing Cultural Riches

Bhagwant Mann

Punjab News: Amritsar is set to host the vibrant seven-day Rangla Punjab festival, commencing on Friday. Punjab’s Minister of Tourism, Anmol Gagan Maan, announced that Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann will inaugurate the festival, culminating in a performance by singer Sikander Saleem.

Key Highlights:

  1. Inauguration by CM Bhagwant Mann:
    Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is scheduled to inaugurate the Rangla Punjab festival, emphasizing the state’s traditions, arts, and customs.
  2. Cultural Showcase:
    The festival aims to celebrate Punjab’s rich cultural legacy, providing a platform to showcase its diverse traditions, arts, and customs.
  3. Unity and Pride:
    Punjab’s Tourism Minister emphasized that the festival serves a broader objective of fostering unity and pride among communities, contributing to the preservation of the state’s cultural heritage.
  4. Conclusion with Musical Performance:
    The festival will conclude with a musical performance by singer Sikander Saleem, offering a captivating finale to the week-long celebration.
  5. CM Bhagwant Mann’s Visit:
    Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann visited Baglamukhi Dham, seeking blessings for the peace, progress, and prosperity of the state. He emphasized the government’s commitment to pro-people, development-oriented policies.
  6. Community Support Initiatives:
    The Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust in Punjab, associated with literary support and community initiatives, provides literature to jail prisoners, supports literary persons through the Sunny Oberoi Vivek Sadan, and organizes various events.
  7. Sacred Text Distribution:
    As part of its efforts, the trust is actively compiling and distributing the sacred text of Guru for free, contributing to the dissemination of spiritual and cultural knowledge.

The Rangla Punjab festival signifies a vibrant celebration of Punjab’s cultural richness, fostering a sense of unity and pride while preserving the state’s diverse heritage.

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