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Home States Punjab Weather Alert: Yellow Alert Issued for Rain and Dense Fog in Punjab

Weather Alert: Yellow Alert Issued for Rain and Dense Fog in Punjab

Weather Update
With heavy rainfall predicted in Gujarat and Maharastra, a flood like situation can happen if not taken care of. Read Weather Report here.

Punjab is under a weather alert as a yellow warning for rain and dense fog has been issued in several districts on Monday. Meteorologists predict the possibility of moderate to dense fog with visibility reduced to around 500 to 200 meters. The advent of December has witnessed a sudden change in weather conditions, leading to the onset of fog and haze. The sun remains obscured amidst the mist during the day.

Yellow Alert Issued for Rain and Dense Fog in Punjab

The past week has brought about a noticeable drop in temperatures, intensifying the impact of smog. Meteorological experts anticipate a gradual increase in the effect of cold, accompanied by stronger cold waves. The plains of Punjab, adjacent to Himachal, experience brisk winds, contributing to cooler afternoons. The ongoing heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is influencing the weather patterns in Punjab.

The maximum temperatures in Chandigarh, the Amritsar border area, Bathinda, and Adampur area adjoining Jalandhar witnessed a decline of more than 3 degrees on Sunday, further contributing to the intensification of cold. The Meteorological Department predicts rainfall in several states, including Punjab, in the upcoming days, impacting the overall weather conditions. Travelers heading towards the upper regions of Himachal Pradesh are facing challenges due to heavy snowfall, causing disruptions in daily life.

While the recent rains in Punjab and Haryana improved the air quality index, the upcoming rain in the region is expected to further ameliorate pollution levels. The likelihood of rain in many districts of Punjab within the next few days aligns with experts’ expectations of improved air quality due to precipitation.

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