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Rajasthan News: Election Tensions Escalate in Churu as Brothers Clash Over Voting Allegiance, Resulting in Violent Confrontation

As the assembly elections loom in Rajasthan on November 25th, political fervor has reached a boiling point, evident in a disturbing incident in Churu. In the village of Amarpura, two brothers engaged in a violent clash over differing political loyalties, resulting in one brother gruesomely biting off the ear of the other.

Dispute Over Voting Allegiance

The altercation began with a political disagreement between Jai Singh (52) and his brother Rakesh. Rakesh insisted that Jai Singh and his family vote for the Congress Party, leading to a heated dispute between the siblings.

Violent Turn of Events

The disagreement took a violent turn when Rakesh, accompanied by relatives Jagdish, Sunil, and Devkaran, stormed Jai Singh’s residence in Amarpura. In an act of aggression, Rakesh physically assaulted Jai Singh, ultimately resorting to biting off his ear during the altercation.

Injured Brother Hospitalized

Following the brutal encounter, the injured Jai Singh was rushed to the district hospital in Churu. The severity of the injuries required admission after initial first aid. Hospital outpost police were informed and promptly gathered information about the entire incident.

Election-Induced Tensions Across the State

With election discussions permeating every household in the state, instances of heightened political tensions and clashes are becoming increasingly common. This alarming incident in Churu underscores the intensity of the political divide, warning of potential escalation as the election campaign progresses. The clash serves as a stark reminder of the need for maintaining civility and resolving political differences through peaceful means.

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