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Rajasthan News: Rajasthan Government Set to Procure 1,000 E-Buses Within the Next Year

Rajasthan News: Contrary to the initially announced 420 e-buses, the Rajasthan government is gearing up to procure a total of around 1,000 electric buses within the next year. This decision, aimed at promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, comes as part of the state’s commitment to transitioning its public transport fleet.

Procurement Details:

  1. Initial Announcement: Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari had announced the procurement of 420 e-buses during her budget speech, and the process for these is currently underway.
  2. Additional 500 E-Buses: In a recent development, the government has revealed plans to acquire an additional 500 electric buses in the upcoming financial year, making the total procurement approximately 1,000 e-buses.
  3. Distribution Strategy: The first set of 420 buses is designated for the Jaipur City Transport Corporation Limited (JCTSL), with 300 allocated for Jaipur, 50 for Kota, and 70 for Jodhpur.
  4. Usage Across Cities: The subsequent 500 e-buses to be procured will serve both city transports and roadways. However, the specific allocation between the two is yet to be finalized.

Impact on Transportation: This initiative aims to address the shortage of buses in both JCTSL and roadways, contributing to improved public transportation infrastructure. The deployment of electric buses aligns with the broader goal of reducing the environmental impact of public transit.

Additional Diesel Buses: In addition to the electric fleet, JCTSL is set to procure 80 more diesel buses in the current financial year, enhancing connectivity on various routes, including Udaipur, Bharatpur, and Ajmer.

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