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Rajasthan Weather Update: Sudden Intensification of Cold Grips Region, Dense Fog Disrupts Normal Life

After the recent disturbance, the mercury took a sharp dip on Wednesday, bringing an abrupt increase in cold weather conditions. Many areas across the district experienced dense fog in the morning, leading to significantly reduced visibility and posing challenges for drivers. The sudden drop in temperature prompted people to adapt to winter routines, with the need for woolen clothes becoming evident.

Hazards on Roads as Visibility Plummets

The morning fog created hazardous conditions on roads, particularly in rural and canal areas, compelling drivers to switch on headlights during the day. The thick fog disrupted normal activities as people struggled to navigate through the limited visibility. Meteorologists predict that there will be no significant rise in temperature in the near future, indicating a prolonged spell of winter weather.

Jaisalmer Shrouded in Dense Fog, Residents Adapt to Cold Snap

The tourist city of Jaisalmer experienced dense fog on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, exacerbating the already cold weather. The increased chill led residents to gather around bonfires for warmth, altering their daily routines. With the ongoing fluctuations in temperature, Tuesday saw a sudden drop in night temperatures, while the daytime temperatures remained stable at 23.5 degrees, with a minimum of 12.2 degrees.

Anticipated Continuation of Winter Conditions

Meteorological experts suggest that the current cold spell is likely to persist, with no significant temperature increase expected. The impact of winter, evident in the dense fog and severe cold, is affecting both urban and rural areas. The extended fog periods are causing disruptions in daily life, prompting changes in routines and outdoor activities as residents adapt to the prevailing winter conditions.

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