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Home NATION ‘Tallest’ Shiva statue will be unveiled on Saturday in Rajasthan

‘Tallest’ Shiva statue will be unveiled on Saturday in Rajasthan

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The world’s tallest Shiva statue has been completed. His inauguration ceremony is going to start today on Saturday. The height of the Shiva statue built at Nathdwara in Rajsamand district in Rajasthan is 369 feet, which has been named Vishwas Swaroopam.

It took 10 years to build the statue. It has been ranked among the top-5 tallest statues in the world. It has been prepared by Sant Kripa Sanatan Sansthan. The launch ceremony will start from October 29 and will continue till November 6 and will begin with Murari Bapu’s Ram Katha.

This statue built on the Ganesh Tekri of Nathdwara is built on a hill of 51 bighas. In this statue, Lord Shiva is seated in the posture of meditation and allad. The height of the statue is such that it can be seen from several kilometers away. Special lights have also been arranged for this statue to be clearly visible even at night.

This is how the world’s tallest Shiva idol was built…

The story of this 369 feet high statue becoming the world’s tallest Shiva statue is also interesting. According to the report, when the plan to build this statue was prepared in the year 2012, it was planned to keep its height at 251 feet. But later during construction its height reached 351 feet. After this, a plan was made to put a stream of Ganges in Shiva’s hair, then its height reached 369 feet.

Elevators, stairs, halls have also been made in this statue. 3000 tonnes of steel and iron, 2.5 lakh cubic tonnes of concrete and sand have been used during construction. Even winds blowing at a speed of 250 km will not affect the statue. Statue of Belief’ was visualized by Mr. Madan Paliwal, Chairman, Miraj Group, Udaipur. The concept was further developed by Studio Maturam Art which designed the 351 feet high statue, while the structural design was provided by Skeleton Consultants and the work began in early 2016.

5 tallest Shiva statues in the world…

Vishwas Swaroopam, Rajasthan – 369 feet

Kailashnath Mahadev Temple, Nepal – 143 meters

Marudeshwara Temple, Karnataka – 123 m

Adiyoga Temple, Tamil Nadu – 112 m

Mangal Mahadev, Mauritius – 108 meters

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