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Ranchi News: Beware of New Modes of Cyber Theft, fresh Guidelines issued; Details

Check out the New Techniques being used for Cyber theft and how you can prevent yourself from being trapped..

Ranchi News: As the cases of Cyber Theft are continuously rising in the city, the fraudsters are using new techniques to lure people so that they can make fool of them and extract their money. The fraudsters are using Artificial Intelligence technique to complete their task. Now this tool is being used by the Cyber Frauds to fulfill their purpose. Many frauds pretend to be their friends or relatives on the call through voice cloning and ask for help. People need to be cautious about receiving such calls as they turn out to be fake.

How to Prevent Cyber Fraud Cases

Update Security Software: Make sure your security software is latest and Refresh it regularly

Log Off when not needed: Make sure you log off from your laptop or app on your cellphone once you aren’t using

Don’t stay online all the time: Go offline when it’s not required

Security Settings: Use Passcodes in your cell phone or laptops to enter your Secured areas

Never Use Public Wifi: Never use Public Wifi as hackers can easily connect to Public Wifi

Fraudsters using New Techniques to trap people

These frauds download the video or audio of the victim and copy his voice with the help of a cloning tool. After this they call the victim and make up a story about some Mis happening or accident and ask for money. According to experts it is very easy to clone a voice with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Immediately call 1930 for Assistance

If you also receive such calls, then you must call back the person and find out if he is any trouble genuinely. Do not transfer money after listening to the story of the caller even if he or she is your closest friend or relative. If you smell anything fishy then immediately call 1930 for help.

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