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Ranchi News: Exploring Budget-Friendly Places Around Ranchi in Winter

Ranchi News: The winter season has begun, and if you’re planning a budget-friendly mountain getaway, Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, could be an option. While Jharkhand offers various tourist destinations, the areas around Ranchi allow for a quick and cost-effective escape.

Here’s information on some excellent places:


Situated about 60 kilometers from Ranchi, McCluskieganj is known as the “Mini England” due to its cool climate. Even today, some foreign families settled here post-independence attracted by the cold weather. The greenery and unique weather, with temperatures occasionally dropping to zero degrees Celsius, make it an excellent tourist spot.

Patratu Valley:

Among the many tourist spots near Ranchi, Patratu Valley stands out. Located approximately 25 kilometers from Ranchi, it offers breathtaking views of hills and Bihari jungles, especially enjoyable during the winter months. Travelers often visit Patratu Valley for a peaceful retreat and to witness the scenic beauty.

Travel Budget:

Patratu Resort and hotels offer accommodation, and boating facilities are available at Patratu Lake. Staying at the resort may cost around ₹3,000 to ₹4,000 per day, and boating costs approximately ₹750. Traveling to Patratu Valley from Ranchi by car or bus is feasible, with a cost of around ₹500 to ₹700.


Ranchi and its surrounding areas are abundant in waterfalls such as Jonha Falls, Hundru Falls, Hirni Falls, and Panchghagh Falls. These natural wonders are located a short distance from the capital and offer a refreshing experience, especially during the winter season.

Travel Expenses:

To visit Jonha Falls and Hundru Falls from Ranchi, you can book a car for around ₹1,500 to ₹2,000. Staying overnight in hotels and resorts is an option, and online booking is available.

Birsa Munda Museum:

Located near Old Jail Chowk in Ranchi, the Birsa Munda Museum is a transformed old jail where the last days of the tribal hero Birsa Munda were spent. For a nominal fee of around ₹50, you can explore the museum and gain insights into Jharkhand’s history.


Ranchi boasts various temples offering not only spiritual solace but also scenic beauty. The Jagannathpur Temple and Devdari Temple on the Ranchi-Tata Road showcase a blend of tribal and Hindu traditions, making them popular among tourists.

When talking about Ranchi, the mention of hill temples is inevitable. The hill temples serve as the center of Ranchi, offering a panoramic view of the entire city in one glance.

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