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Home States Ranchi News: RIMS Introduces New Parking System with Enhanced Security Measures

Ranchi News: RIMS Introduces New Parking System with Enhanced Security Measures

Ranchi News

To bolster security measures, RIMS (Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences) is implementing a revamped parking system, which includes a ban on the entry of outside vehicles. Under the new system, vehicles without passes will be restricted from entering specific areas, leading to a more controlled and secure environment. RIMS management aims to streamline parking and reduce unnecessary congestion caused by outsiders.

Free Parking Facility for Pass Holders, Special Arrangements for Others

RIMS is set to offer free parking facilities to vehicles with valid passes, ensuring convenience for doctors and employees. The new arrangement encourages vehicles without passes to utilize private parking spaces. The management has issued a directive to issue passes for 500 cars and 500 two-wheelers to RIMS doctors and employees, facilitating smooth access to parking areas.

Enhanced Parking Infrastructure and E-Rickshaw Services

Upon receiving a parking pass, vehicles will be directed to the multi-storage parking facility, eliminating ad-hoc parking across the RIMS campus. Additionally, RIMS plans to introduce two e-rickshaws to transport doctors from the parking lot to the hospital, optimizing internal mobility. The parking facility management is undergoing a transition, with a new agency being appointed through a recently floated tender. While vehicles with passes will enjoy free parking, those without passes may be subject to parking fees, with detailed rules set to be issued soon.

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