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Ranchi News: Say Goodbye to power cuts, Govt installs new transformers across the city | Details Here

Amid ongoing power outages in Ranchi attributed to transformer failures caused by increased electrical load, the Jharkhand Electricity Distribution Corporation has launched a project to replace transformers, installing new ones in the city's initial phase to resolve the issue.

Ranchi News: Daily reports from the capital city, Ranchi, highlight an ongoing issue of power outages despite receiving adequate electricity supply, primarily attributed to transformer malfunctions. In response to this challenge, the Jharkhand Electricity Distribution Corporation has initiated a project to deploy new transformers throughout the city, aiming to mitigate electricity shortages for residents. In the initial phase, nine new transformers have been successfully installed within Ranchi, with plans to expand to additional locations in the near future.

New transformers installed in the city

The Jharkhand Electricity Distribution Corporation is now operational and actively addressing the issue of overloaded transformers. In the initial phase of this effort, new 500 KVA transformers have been deployed at nine locations within Ranchi. These locations include Gadha Toli, Shanti Nagar Kokar, Shivaji Nagar, Badgai, Lime Kiln Kokar, Imam Kothi Kokar, Alinagar Bariatu, Lower Chutia, and Krishnapuri Chutia, where the transformers have been replaced. The initiative will continue with the installation of new transformers in various other areas of the city.

Transformers in Gadha Toli, Shanti Nagar Kokar, Shivaji Nagar, Badgai, Lime Kiln Kokar, Imam Kothi, Kokar, Alinagar Bariatu, Lower Chutia, and Krishna Puri Chutia have been replaced. This year, the sweltering heat coupled with the extensive use of air conditioners, coolers, water motors, and a sudden surge in power consumption led to the burning out of numerous transformers in the city. Data from the electricity department indicates that within a span of 20 days, 120 transformers malfunctioned due to the increased load, resulting in this problem of transformer burnouts.

Present electricity load in Ranchi

Currently, there are approximately 9,000 transformers in place within the urban area of Ranchi, serving a consumer base of around 3.5 lakh residents. The majority of domestic consumers have a load exceeding one kilowatt in their households due to the simultaneous operation of various appliances such as lights, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, coolers or air conditioners, and water motors. Additionally, in many households, the presence of tenants leads to a doubling of electricity consumption.

Within the Ranchi circle, there are 12 trolley transformers specifically designated for emergency situations. These trolley transformers are designed to restore electricity in case a transformer malfunctions. However, despite their availability, they are not currently being utilized in the capital. According to the department, trolley transformers will only be employed when a new permanent transformer takes an extended period to be put in place.

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