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Rare Blood Group: India has only 400 donors; Man comes from Maharashtra to save Bihar’s Daughter, Details

In a remarkable display of human kindness, a rare blood group known as the Bombay blood group has recently garnered attention in India. This exceptionally rare blood type is found in only a handful of individuals across the country, with approximately 400 registered donors nationwide. One such case emerged when a 14-year-old girl named Alisha Parveen, hailing from Bihar, urgently required a blood transfusion due to dengue fever.

Bombay Blood Group: Rare Donors Save Lives in India

Initially, Alisha received O group blood, but her condition deteriorated further. Subsequent blood tests revealed that her blood type did not match any of the common groups (A, B, AB, or O). It was identified as the Bombay blood group, an extremely rare type.

The scarcity of Bombay blood group donors presented a dire situation for Alisha until the Mother Blood Bank, Madhav, took the initiative to seek help. A compassionate donor named Madhav, residing in Nanded, Maharashtra, embarked on a long journey to Patna, Bihar, to donate his blood. Miraculously, Madhav’s blood also belonged to the Bombay blood group.

Dr. Upendra Sinha, a senior doctor at PMCH (Patna Medical College and Hospital), praised Madhav’s selfless act that saved Alisha’s life. He revealed that out of India’s population of 1.4 billion, merely 400 individuals are registered as Bombay blood group donors. Most of these donors reside in Maharashtra.

The story of Alisha and Madhav serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that rare blood donors can have in saving lives, emphasizing the importance of blood donation and raising awareness about lesser-known blood groups.

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