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Trio Lights up Bike, Tries to Set Petrol Pump on Fire; One Arrested, Two Escape

Bhopal: Three men arrived on a bike at a petrol station in Bhopal, and one of them lit a lighter, setting fire to the gasoline nozzle and starting the car, they also try to set petrol pump on fire. A camera captured the incident as the flames immediately spread to the pump and the bike. The petrol station staff responded quickly and used buckets of sand to put out the fire. One of the men who attempted to extinguish the bike fire sustained burns in the process.

Petrol Pump Incident Caught on CCTV, Three Suspects Charged

Two of the men were able to flee, but the one filling the petrol was caught and turned over to the police. The three men are each charged with arson. The one who was detained gave his name as Vijay Singh and stated that the names of the men who fled were Bharat Gatkhane and Akash Gaur. The incident’s CCTV footage has since gone popular on social media. The incident happened at Renuka Petrol Pump in Spring Valley Colony, Katara Hills, according to the police. Kripashankar Dwivedi, the pump manager, stated that on the night between Sunday and Monday at about 12:15 a.m., three males on a bike came to the pump and asked for petrol for a specific sum.

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Swift Actions Save Petrol Pump from Extensive Damage

One of the males pulled out a lighter from his pocket and lit the petrol nozzle on fire as the employee started filling the bike’s tank. The resultant fire quickly devoured both the bike and the pump’s nozzle. The quick-witted workers put out the fire with sand and fire extinguishers. The damaged fuel pump nozzle is worth about Rs 8,000, according to estimates. To find the fugitive accused, the police are presently undertaking a search operation. One of the accused, Bharat, has a criminal history at the Bagsevania police station, according to further investigations. He works as a tile installer. Akash, the second defendant, is a mechanic. The authorities believe that the fire may have started when the accused lit the lighter to check the gasoline level. Once the evading accused are located, the reason for their conduct will become more apparent.

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