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Unveiling the Dark Secrets! Video Reveals Greater Noida Varsity Suicide-Murder Accused’s Turbulent Life

Greater Noida: Anuj Singh described his broken relationship with the deceased woman, his past mental traumas, and his unstable state of mind in the almost 23-minute video statement he recorded before murdering his ex-girlfriend and then himself on Thursday. Around 1.30 pm on Thursday, third-year BA student Anuj Singh shot and killed his companion Sneha Chaurasia on the Shiv Nadar University campus before turning the gun on himself.

Anuj Singh’s Final Words Before Tragic Suicide-Murder Unfold

The video was shot just before he took his own life, though it wasn’t immediately apparent when or where. Anuj Singh talks in a video that police officers were able to acquire from his Gmail account about how his friend Sneha Chaurasia “changed his life.” CCTV footage, according to the police, showed that the two had chatted before the incident. Before Anuj Singh pulled out a gun made in his nation and shot Sneha Chaurasia, the two even exchanged hugs in front of the university’s dining hall, according to the police. Anuj’s determination to kill Sneha was evident from the footage, and he is heard repeating, “Sneha has to pay the price for this,” in it.

Anuj Singh’s Heartbreaking Account of Betrayal and Emotional Turmoil

“I played at the national level. After I started college, I got to know Sneha Chaurasia. She entered my life and dramatically altered it, according to Anuj Singh. He claims in the video that he met Sneha as he was attempting to move past his prior psychological traumas. Anuj goes on to add that after helping Sneha go through a trying personal crisis, they became close and she proposed to him. Anuj claims that at first, because of the traumas he was bearing, he was hesitant to accept her proposal, but eventually, he did. However, after a while, things started to go south, and they began to argue frequently and repeatedly. “I had to rush home when my uncle passed away, and it was then that Sneha started cheating on me. After I went to bed, she used to meet a college worker. You may have the CCTVs checked if you like,” he says in the video. “Whenever she came to see me, she used to delete the chats. This completely destroyed me. I was very wounded when Sneha decided to break things off, claiming she was depressed but actually seeing someone else,” he added in the video message. In the video, Anuj also expressed his regret to his and Sneha’s parents and promised that Sneha would “dump” the other guy soon.

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Authorities Probe Source of Weapon Used in Tragic Campus Incident

He claims that he was heartbroken because she dumped him “on the pretext that she was depressed” but had already been dating someone else. And near the end of the video, he claims to have “brain cancer” and that he is running out of time. Police have in the meantime removed a bag from Anuj’s room and given it to representatives of the forensic division. According to the police, ‘they have no information on how Anuj obtained the pistol or managed to smuggle it onto the university campus. Although we are looking into how and where Anuj obtained the locally-made pistol that was used in the event,’ Deputy Commissioner of Police (Greater Noida) Saad Miya Khan informed PTI that “we are yet to receive a written complaint from the family of Sneha.” He claimed that the victims had been in a relationship for roughly a year and a half before it ended. The official continued, “It seems that Anuj did not take this well, and he planned to assassinate Sneha.

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