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Home States UP News: Raya Town’s Firecracker Market Engulfed in Flames, many injured

UP News: Raya Town’s Firecracker Market Engulfed in Flames, many injured

Watch as a fire breaks out in Raya Town's bustling firecracker market, bringing mayhem to the festivities and a heartbreaking Diwali tragedy.

UP News

UP News: The administrative setup was made clear by the enormous fire that started at Raya Town’s firecracker market. Other than the local police, no ambulances or fire department vehicles responded following the incident. There was no plan in place to transport the over twelve individuals who suffered severe burns in the fire, yet they were still in excruciating pain. The people in the vicinity attempted, but were unsuccessful, to put out the fire using water trucks.

Diwali Celebrations in Full Swing

People were engrossed in the joy of Diwali on Sunday. Every home was undergoing some sort of decoration. Shopping crowds were forming at the market. The market for firecrackers was also seeing an increase in sales. A throng of people came here to purchase firecrackers about two in the afternoon.

Unexpected Fire Erupts at Firecracker Shop

At 2:00 pm, an unexpected fire occurred at a shop that sold firecrackers. The fire quickly spread to adjacent stores. The sound of explosives reverberated through the town. They arrived at the location. The whole market went up in flames, engulfing everybody. Several people struggled to escape the fire, although they suffered severe burns. In all, the fire burned about fifteen persons.

Fire Brigade’s Delayed Arrival

Fire brigade arrived to extinguish the fire about an hour after the fire in the firecracker market. But, by that time everything had been destroyed. The cause of fire in the firecracker market is being said to be short circuit. A total of 22 shops were set up in the market. There were no proper arrangements to extinguish the fire.

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