Uttarakhand News: Big Step! CM Dhami Government Grants 4% Job Reservation for State Athletes

Find out how the new policy in Uttarakhand, which offers athletes 4% job reservation in state government positions, strives to promote chances and sports culture. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami's idea is a major step in the right direction towards acknowledging and helping athletes who excel both nationally and internationally.

Uttarakhand News

Uttarakhand News: The interests of every state resident are taken into consideration when the Uttarakhand administration makes decisions. This covers everyone from young people to the elderly, women, and other state groups. This time, though, the Dhami government has made a significant decision that will make it relatively simple for state actors to obtain government employment.

Criteria for Athletes to Qualify for Reservation

The Uttarakhand administration has declared that they will receive a 4% reservation in all state government employment, taking into account the players’ interests and future prospects. The government has made it clear that athletes who win medals at the national and international levels in a variety of sports will receive a 4% horizontal reserve. It is said that this will facilitate the players’ journey.

Legislative Approval and Implementation

A significant decision has been made for the state’s players by the government of Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of Uttarakhand. In fact, a request to grant players reservations was made at the Legislative Assembly’s budget session, and it was approved and put into effect at the national level.

CM Dhami has made it clear that his government is always trying to support the athletes. In this order, players are granted a 4% reservation in all state government posts in an effort to enhance the state’s sports culture and provide a bright future for themselves. The claim is that this will be advantageous to thousands of participants.

Eligibility Criteria for Athletes

Players would need to perform better on the national and international scene in order to benefit from the 4 percent reservation offered by the Uttarakhand government in government positions. In addition, athletes who win medals will be eligible to utilize the government-granted reservation. We would like to inform you that four positions will be set aside for players in the event that 100 government jobs are filled. It is said that following this extra effort on the part of the government, player movement would cease and player efficiency will increase.

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