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Dehradun News: Enhanced Facilities for Passengers: Escalator Soon on Platform 3 at Dehradun Railway Station

Indian Railways

Dehradun News; To improve the experience for travelers, Dehradun Railway Station is set to introduce a new feature – escalators on Platform Number Three. The installation of escalators is nearing completion, and operationalization is expected to commence soon after the green signal from authorities. Currently, a single escalator is operational at the station.

The addition of escalators aims to facilitate the boarding and alighting of passengers on Platform Number Three, offering convenience, especially for elderly, sick, and differently-abled passengers. Presently, passengers disembarking on this platform need to use stairs or a lift to ascend to the foot overbridge.

Passengers with Special Needs Facing Challenges

Previously, passengers faced challenges in navigating stairs or using lifts to reach the foot overbridge for Platform Number Three. Despite the provision of an escalator outside for ascending to the foot overbridge, passengers had to rely on stairs while descending to Platform Three.

Initiative to Address Accessibility Concerns

Acknowledging the inconvenience faced by passengers, authorities have taken the initiative to install automated stairs for seamless access to Platform Number Three. This move is especially commendable for enhancing the overall accessibility and user experience at the railway station.

As per the latest update, the automated stairs are nearly installed, and the station authorities are optimistic about starting their operation in the upcoming month. This development aligns with the commitment to improving passenger amenities and ensuring a hassle-free journey for all at Dehradun Railway Station.

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