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Ayodhya Deepotsav: Ayodhya Illuminated for Seventh ‘Deepotsav’ Celebration with Grand Procession

Ayodhya marked the seventh ‘Deepotsav’ or Diwali celebration organized by the Uttar Pradesh government with grand festivities. The event commenced with a majestic Deepotsav procession featuring 18 divine tableaux depicting the life of Lord Ram, starting from Udaya Square and proceeding to Ram Katha Park.

Key Points:

  1. Grand Procession:
  • The Deepotsav procession showcased 18 divine tableaux depicting the character of Lord Ram.
  • Artists from various states participated, using the platform to express their faith and creativity.
  1. Flagging Off:
  • The procession was flagged off by Tourism and Culture Minister Jaiveer Singh.
  • The grand event attracted devotees and participants from across the country.
  1. Ram Temple Decoration:
  • The under-construction Ram Temple in Ayodhya was adorned on the occasion.
  • Devotees offered prayers to Lord Ram at the Ram Janamabhoomi in Ayodhya.
  1. Record-Setting Diya Lighting:
  • The festival aims to set a new record for lighting the most diyas (lamps) in the world.
  • Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is set to perform Lord Ram’s coronation during the festival.
  1. Global Participation:
  • Diplomats from 50 major countries are expected to be present during Lord Shri Ram’s coronation.
  1. Historical Reflection:
  • The festival of lights evokes the spirit of “Tretayug” when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after conquering Lanka.
  • The warm and jubilant welcome during that time is mirrored in Ayodhya’s streets today.

The seventh Deepotsav celebration in Ayodhya promises a blend of spiritual significance, cultural expression, and festive fervor as the city is adorned with lights and vibrant celebrations.

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