CM Yogi Adityanath orders safety audits at 1.3 lakh schools in Uttar Pradesh

Yogi aadityanath

Uttar Pradesh: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh took the decision to audit more than 1.3 lakh state-run schools to determine the buildings’ usability and safety.

The education administration has developed an audit checklist for checking school facilities, including room-by-room observations and campus perimeters.

Vijay Kiran Anand, director general of school education, has directed all basic education officers to assign the school buildings a very good, good, bad, or very bad rating.

The rating will be determined by factors like the boundary wall, the floor, the brickwork in the walls, the stairs and ramps, the restrooms, and the safety from fire, electricity, and flood.

“Besides carrying out reconstruction of dilapidated buildings, we are checking the existing buildings for structural stability by conducting an elaborate school safety audit,” Anand said.

13,698 school buildings have been identified by the agency as being shaky and liable to collapse at any time.In 7,100 of these, demolition work is now being done.

For the inspection of columns, beams, walls, and slabs, BSAs have been required to identify a variety of faults, including cracks, seepage, and wetness.

A set of “Basic School Structure Audit Guidelines for Safety & Usability” has been provided to BSAs. It is divided into four sections: the exterior of the school building; reinforced cement concrete (RCC) elements; classrooms; hallways; and other spaces (kitchen, lavatory, main room).

There are different criteria for each section that will determine how markings are applied.

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