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Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation’s Initiatives to Address Cleanliness Challenges: A Conversation with Municipal Commissioner

Despite being recognized as the cleanest city in the state, Ghaziabad faces challenges in its cleanliness system, including limited space for garbage disposal and a shortage of garbage collection vehicles. Municipal Commissioner Vikramaditya Singh Malik discussed key issues and outlined initiatives to tackle these challenges in a conversation with Dainik Jagran’s Abhishek Singh.

Garbage Disposal Challenges and Solutions:
While acknowledging the space crunch for garbage disposal, Malik mentioned ongoing efforts to find suitable locations. Letters have been written to the District Magistrate, and plans are in progress to dispose of waste within each zone. The Commissioner emphasized the need for public cooperation in separating wet and dry waste. The Municipal Corporation aims to find a permanent solution to the space issue and enhance awareness.

Shortage of Garbage Collection Vehicles:
Malik addressed concerns about the shortage of garbage collection vehicles. He explained that garbage collection is managed by a private company in three out of five zones, and the Municipal Corporation is responsible for the remaining two zones. A proposal to purchase 300 more vehicles has been passed, and the tender process is underway. The Commissioner assured that the acquisition of new vehicles would be completed by January 2024.

Diesel Pump Operations and Theft Prevention Measures:
Regarding the Municipal Corporation’s diesel pump, Malik informed that the new machine has arrived, and discussions with the diesel supplier are ongoing. The pump will be operational soon, and measures will be implemented to prevent theft. Modern slips generated by the computer will replace hand-made slips, and monitoring through employee deployment and CCTV cameras will enhance security.

Addressing Garbage Collection and Sanitation Worker Negligence:
To address concerns about irregular garbage collection and worker negligence, the Municipal Corporation is developing an app. The app will provide real-time information on the location and schedule of garbage collection vehicles, enabling residents to track their arrival. The app is set to launch in January 2024, ensuring better accountability and attendance of sanitation workers.

GIS Survey for Property Tax Determination:
Responding to questions about the GIS survey for property tax determination, Malik clarified that the survey is ongoing, with 50% completion. The Municipal Corporation is actively involved in the process, and property tax is currently determined based on the Corporation’s survey, not GIS. He assured that zonal in-charges are tasked with preventing incorrect bills, and residents can report any discrepancies.

The conversation highlights the Municipality’s proactive approach to address cleanliness challenges, enhance garbage collection, and leverage technology for improved services.

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