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Home States Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad News: Air Quality Worsens as Dust Pollution Plagues

Ghaziabad News: Air Quality Worsens as Dust Pollution Plagues

Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad News: The air quality in the region has deteriorated significantly over the past week, leading to concerns over dust pollution. Despite official claims of implementing measures such as mechanical sweeping and water sprinkling on roads, these efforts have proven insufficient. Several issues contribute to the problem, including poorly maintained roads in areas like Ghaziabad, as well as uncovered construction materials in places like Noida.

Ghaziabad faces the brunt of this dust pollution, with seven notable hotspots: Sahibabad, Raj Nagar Extension, Loni, Bhopura-Delhi border, South Side GT Road, Sanjay Nagar, and Siddharth Vihar. Construction hubs like Raj Nagar Extension and Siddharth Vihar are major sources of dust pollution due to construction and demolition waste. Industrial pockets, such as Sahibabad and South Side GT Road, suffer from road damage caused by heavy vehicle traffic, which generates dust plumes. Areas like Loni, Bhopura-Delhi border, and Sanjay Nagar experience dust from unpaved pavements and deteriorating roads.

Dusty road stirred up a significant dust storm

Concerns were raised on a visit to Siddharth Vihar, where a dusty road stirred up a significant dust storm. Residents like N. K. Negi expressed their distress over the incomplete roadwork, leading to hazardous dust pollution. In Indirapuram, damaged roads were attributed to the heavy truck traffic associated with construction activities, often carrying materials without proper covering.

The Ghaziabad Industrial Area faced dusty roads and emissions of black smoke from rusted factory pipes, adding to the air quality issues. It appeared that the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) had not undertaken cleaning measures for a considerable time. Residents also pointed to the early use of firecrackers as an additional concern.

Mithilesh Kumar, GMC representative, stated, “We have deployed road sweeping machines, 25 water sprinklers, and anti-smog guns at dust-prone areas. In addition, 25 quick response teams are working to check garbage burning.”

Noida has its own set of dust-prone areas

Noida has its own set of dust-prone areas, including Sector 62, Sector 62/104 road, Dadri road, Sector 150, Noida Expressway near Amity University, Sector 116/7X, and the Yamuna Pushta road. During a visit, it was observed that vehicles parked illegally on Sector 62 road were causing traffic jams and dust from unpaved roadsides was exacerbating the issue. Dumpers and trucks carrying uncovered construction materials contributed to dust pollution in the 7X sectors.

The Noida Authority claimed to have 45 tankers sprinkling water on 120 km of roads daily, along with 12 mechanical sweeping machines covering 340 km. However, concerns remain, as sanitation workers in Sector 37 were found to have swept debris to the sides of the road. In Sector 16, a road dug up by an Authority contractor remained untouched.

Utsav Sharma, UPPCB Noida regional officer, mentioned that 14 teams are conducting site inspections to address the situation.

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