Ghaziabad News: First Mother-Child Care Center in Uttar Pradesh Launched in Ghaziabad District Hospital

GHAZIABAD Newse: The Ghaziabad District Women’s Hospital has inaugurated Uttar Pradesh’s first mother-child care center. In collaboration with CEL (Community Empowerment Lab), the hospital management has started a trial with two beds within the MNCU (Mother and Newborn Care Unit) for the treatment of mothers and newborns. Simultaneously, the construction of the MSNCU (Mother and Newborn Special Care Unit) on the hospital’s first floor has commenced. This pilot project, initiated by the state government in Ghaziabad, aims to treat critically ill newborns and pregnant women together, thereby reducing maternal and infant mortality rates.

Mother-Child Treatment to be on First Floor of Center

The state government has tasked the Community Empowerment Lab (CEL) with the preparation and operation of this center. Construction of the Mother-Child Special Care Center (MSNCU) on the hospital’s first floor has begun. Previously, MNCU and SNCU (Sick Newborn Care Unit) operated separately, treating mothers and newborns in different sections. For the new MSNCU, the SNCU has been moved to the old surgical ward, and demolition work for the new ward is complete.

Training at Safdarjung Hospital

Before the MSNCU becomes operational, the hospital staff underwent a four-day training program. CEL and the hospital management sent four doctors and 40 staff nurses to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital for detailed training on mother and newborn care.

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