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Home States Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad News: Man arrested for insulting Hindus in video

Ghaziabad News: Man arrested for insulting Hindus in video

Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad News: On Sunday, November 5, Ghaziabad Police arrested a Muslim man who was caught on camera hurling insults at Hindus, following the viral success of his video.

The accused had identified himself as Ayyan Qureshi in the video. Police had earlier stated that the individual had been arrested for interrogation and that a formal complaint had been made.

The man is heard threatening Hindus in the video, saying things like, “Islam was alive and will always be alive in this world. What are these Hindus? These Hindus will be crushed like insects & worms…” even though the one asking the questions can be seen warning him not to say things like that. Surprisingly, the boys who are gathered around the man who is making these remarks are seen giggling at his remarks.

What he said in video?

“What are Hindus? Hindus living in India say ‘Hindu, Hindu’. Which countries have Hindus? Babar’s history and this history…You can do what you want, you (Hindus) are limited to India only,” says the man in the video.

He also talks about Prayagraj, which was formerly known as Allahabad, changing its name. “Prayagrag’s name was changed to this and that. It is your government, you can change the name to whatever you want. The day the government changes, everything will be cleaned up.”


Man runs a chicken shop

In the video, the man says he has a little poultry unit or a shop where he sells chicken. “In a year, the shop is closed for six months. Sometimes there is Karwa Chauth, other times there is something else. It’s your problem if you don’t want to eat it, but let it (shops) be opened in Muslim areas,” he is seen saying in the video.

The Ghaziabad Police was alerted about the action conducted after they noticed the video going viral on social media.

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