Ghaziabad News: Token System in District Hospitals Fails to Ease Patient Crowds

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Ghaziabad News: Despite the implementation of a token system in the three major government hospitals in the district, patients continue to face long queues in the OPD (Outpatient Department). The lack of sufficient benches and chairs forces patients to wait for hours, causing severe inconvenience. This has led to incidents where critically ill patients have fainted due to prolonged standing.

Token System in District Hospitals Fails to Ease Patient Crowds

A case in point is Mahendra Singh, a 61-year-old resident of Vijayanagar, who has been struggling with severe anemia. His hemoglobin level dropped to 3.3. On Friday, Mahendra, accompanied by his son, visited the OPD at MMG Hospital. While waiting outside room number 27, he collapsed due to the long wait. A resident doctor promptly arranged for a stretcher and admitted him to the emergency ward, recommending a blood transfusion.

Hospital staff do not allow patients to sit on the floor

MMG Hospital, along with the Joint and Women’s Hospitals, has token systems with display boards outside all doctors’ OPDs. However, none of these hospitals have adequate seating arrangements. Hospital staff do not allow patients to sit on the floor, forcing them to stand for one to two hours in line, especially difficult during the extreme heat when OPD fans are not functioning.

On Friday, MMG Hospital’s OPD saw 1,636 patients, including 138 children and 815 women. Among them, 329 were fever cases. Additionally, 45 patients visited the emergency OPD. Out of the hospital’s 162 beds, 117 are currently occupied. Meanwhile, Sanjay Nagar’s Joint Hospital received 932 patients, including 744 new cases and 188 follow-ups. The 120-bed hospital has 87 admitted patients. The Women’s Hospital registered 550 women for treatment on the same day.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, the Chief Medical Superintendent of MMG Hospital, stated that benches have been installed in the hospital premises, but space constraints prevent the addition of more benches. This would leave insufficient space for patient movement in the OPD. He advised that critically ill patients should go directly to the emergency ward for treatment, which would provide them with immediate care.

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