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Home States Uttar Pradesh With temperature soaring, Nodia faces massive power cut

With temperature soaring, Nodia faces massive power cut

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Noida residents have experienced frequent power cut for the past two weeks. The city is seeing more power tripping and fluctuation issues as a result of the temperature increase.

It has been between 42 and 45 degrees recently, making it intolerable for individuals to survive without electricity. Hour-long power outages are frequent result of power failures. RWAs from various industries have protested, but no action has been taken by the government.

Anil Kumar, RWA president of sector 53, informed, “Yesterday there was a fault in the power station in the daytime. The power was restored after two hours, only to be cut off at midnight. The electricity went off again in the morning, and after two and a half hours, it came back.”

The electricity load in the area rose, he continued, as a result of the construction of multiple 5- to 6-story structures in the village next to the sector. The electricity, water, sewer, and all other facilities of the sector and the hamlet must be kept separate, according to Kumar.

Power cut for past three days

Sector 71 B residents have been experiencing power disruptions for the past three days, according to Sector 71 RWA President Sunil Wadhwa. He claimed that from 5 pm to 9 pm last night, there was no electricity in the area for more than three hours.

We were informed that power outages had increased in frequency by RC Gupta, the sector 19 RWA president. He claimed that despite several complaints to the electrical department, no one concerned to address the issue. He also addressed the problems with power fluctuations in a letter to FONRWA.

The president of Sector 55’s RWA, Gajender Singh Bansal, stated that numerous power outages are a result of ageing wires. The Noida authority has not reacted to our request for them to underground the electric wires or alter the wire. A defect occurs every day in one or two sector blocks.

Power fluctuations have increased in Sector 51, according to Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of RWA Sector 51. Several power outages occurred last night, therefore we’ve asked the electrical department to please take the necessary action to fix the issue.

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