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5 Tips to prevent your smartphone from getting hacked, Check out

There are numerous ways to hack a phone, including breaking into someone's voicemail or live chat, as well as accessing data that is saved on a smartphone.

5 Tips: It’s a horror to fall victim to phone hacking. The most severe situation involving phone hacking is when the attacker obtains access to your online accounts, including social media, email, online shopping, and, in the worst-case scenario, your bank details. This would need you to bear the inconvenience of having to lock your credit, change a tonne of passwords, get in touch with your bank and online retailers (like Amazon, eBay, and so on), and try to figure out what else the hacker was able to access.

Proactive action is invariably preferable to reactive action. Take concern for your security and privacy now, rather than waiting to get attacked. Now is the time to start protecting yourself.

5 Tips to prevent your smartphone from getting hacked


When using insecure public networks at places like airports, cafes, hotels, and the like, a VPN hides your connection from hackers and enables you to connect in private. Considering how much personal and commercial information we handle on our smartphones, having a VPN connection will provide you peace of mind that your private information, documents, and online activity are shielded from prying eyes.

Frequently back up your phone

There are various benefits to regularly backing up your phone. Even in the unlikely event that your phone is lost or stolen, switching to a new phone is considerably simpler when you have a full backup of your old one.

Rest assured that you can still access all of your data even if your phone is lost or stolen. You can remotely delete the data from the phone.

Download apps from an official app store only

Since Apple’s app approval procedure is far more stringent than Google’s, this largely affects Android users. Furthermore, Android allows you to download third-party apps, which raises the possibility of downloading dangerous software.

Additionally, exercise caution while granting app rights. Certain apps ask to access your microphone, camera, pictures, and other data. While there are undoubtedly legitimate purposes for this in certain apps, blindly granting any program access to whatever it asks for exposes you to fraud.

Use a passcode lock or Face or Touch ID

Let’s start from the beginning. Your simplest line of defence, especially in case of loss or theft, is to lock your phone using a pattern, pin, fingerprint, or facial ID. For more protection, go one step further. Put strong passwords on your phone’s accounts, and use two-factor authentication wherever available on apps to further strengthen your security.

Protect your phone

Your phone holds a great deal of personal information, so protecting yourself and the items you save on it with security software is a good idea. Mobile security software helps protect your data, payments, and shopping whether you use an iOS device or an Android smartphone.

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