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5 Tips to Take Care of Your New Laptop, Do Read if you just bought one

In this article, we will give you 5 tips that will help you keep your new laptop safe and make it last long. Do read if you have bought or are planning to get one this festive season.

5 Tips to Take Care of Your New Laptop, Do Read if you just bought one

Laptop Care Tips: You just bought a brand-new laptop. You’re curious about the best ways to prolong its good looks and smooth operation while maximising your return on investment.
Here are 5 laptop maintenance techniques to help keep your computer in good condition both inside and out for years to come.

5 Laptop Care Tips

1. Keep your food and drinks away

Keep food and beverages away from the laptop. A good rule is to keep your drink far enough away from your laptop so that it won’t get wet even if you tip it over. Close the laptop lid if you must dine nearby. If you do decide to watch videos on your laptop while eating, keep it as far away as you can and cover the keyboard with plastic foam to reduce the risk of spills.

2. Keep an eye on your battery life

Even a laptop’s most outstanding battery life can degrade over time. Optimising the battery settings will boost battery life.

The first thing you should be aware of is the importance of keeping your laptop connected for as long as possible. Leave the power wire plugged in if you spend most of your time working at your desk.

Additionally, avoid entirely draining your battery if at all feasible. It has been established that it is harmful to the battery’s health to let it discharge to 0% before charging.

3. Dont use it on your lap

You should put your laptop on a flat, hard surface like a desk or table to ensure optimal cooling. Your laptop may not dissipate heat properly if you place it on soft materials like pillows or cloth of any kind.

Invest in a laptop stand made for that purpose if you truly want to use your laptop in bed or on your lap

4. Keep it clean

The lifespan of your laptop will significantly increase if you spend a few minutes cleaning your computer of dust, filth, residue, and other buildup.

5. Get a computer case

A hard-shell case for your laptop will shield it from minor spills and falls when it is closed, especially if you are prone to accidents.

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