Adobe to Join Hands With OpenAI, Premium Pro to Get AI Boost

Adobe Premiere Pro

Image Credit: Adobe

Video editing is about to get a whole lot more exciting! Adobe, the big name behind creative software, is bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its popular video editing platform, Premiere Pro. This means editors can expect some amazing new features that will streamline their workflow and open up creative possibilities.

Supercharge your Edits with AI

Imagine automatically removing unwanted objects from a scene or seamlessly filling in missing parts with AI-generated content. That’s the future Adobe is building with Premiere Pro. Their in-house AI tech, Firefly, which already helps with photo editing in Photoshop, is taking the leap to videos. But that’s not all!

OpenAI and Beyond

Adobe is opening its doors to even more AI awesomeness by allowing third-party tools to join the party. This means Premiere Pro users will have access to a wider range of AI features, including some from big names like OpenAI (whose Sora model can create realistic videos based on text prompts).

Copyright and Ethics

With all this AI magic, copyright concerns are natural. But Adobe assures users that they’ll be protected from any claims and are committed to using ethical data sources. They’re also developing ways to clearly show when AI tools have been used in a video, giving everyone transparency.

Openness and Revenue Sharing

While Adobe is still figuring out how revenue sharing with third-party AI developers will work, they’ve promised to keep users informed. They’re also committed to maintaining their industry-leading approach to AI ethics and reducing bias in their tools. This means you can expect powerful AI features that are also responsible.

Get Ready to Edit Like Never Before!

The exact release date for these new AI features is still under wraps, but Adobe has showcased some impressive demos. With the combined power of Adobe’s own AI and external tools from companies like OpenAI, Premiere Pro is poised to revolutionize video editing, making it faster, easier, and more creative than ever before.

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